Learn About Websites and Its Various Types

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Website is a collection of pages that covers multimedia content under a common domain name and published on web server and accessible via Public Internet Protocol such as Internet and Local Area Network. In this world of technology, globalization and advancement, it becomes very important for any business to have a business website to stay connected with the modern world. Today, people prefer to search about product and services and business through Internet more than physically. Also, website helps business to grow sales and earn profit via connecting people from business and make them able to know about the business.

So, website is the most influential and powerful source to share information, messages and all the informative and productive content around the world. Now let’s discuss about websites and its types below –

Business Website

Business website is the most common form of website that we can easily see on the Internet. A business website is actually an informational website that gives information about the business online so that people can stay connected with business through its website and able to know each and every information, updates and news related to business. There are millions of businesses and all of them have their own website to establish business in this giant platform.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce website is somewhere matched with the features of business website but the different between both of them is E-commerce website sells the product and services directly or we can say online. Such kinds of website do not “only” provide information about the product and services and business terms and values but also deals in product and services directly with customers online through easy and secured payment mode and delivery.


Blogging website like WordPress, Blogspot is another form of website that is either handle by individual or a group who are technically called as blogger. It contains a bunch of content including text, photos and videos. It’s actually an informative website that provides information about specific things or product and services. The major objective of blogging websites is to increase the website viewers and page visitors through a unique and informative content.

Social Media Websites

Social Media websites are the websites that provides platform to all Internet users to come together and stay connected with each other through a social networking website like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and so on. Such users can be professionals, individuals or anyone else. They can share their stuff including texts, media and enter suggestions, feedback over specific matter.

Mobile Device Website

Mobile Device websites are websites which are compatible with the mobile phones or we can say accessible through mobile phones. Such kinds of websites can be explore and surf through mobile phones and gadgets. The major purpose of such website is to make any website or page accessible while on the go or anywhere else if a person do not have PC or Laptop meanwhile.

Informational/ Public Forum Website

Such kinds of website are made for Public and their uses. These are informational website which helps any Internet user to gain information about any particular topic. Wikipedia is one of them. Also, Public Forum websites are websites that are made for public to share their views, suggestions, feedback and so on about any particular topic.

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