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Our effective Corporate Cost Solutions and High Quality Standards reward us with huge number of Highly Satisfied Clients all over the Globe. We thank all of you for this and request new clients to provide us with a platform to join with you and bring effective and desired results to your Esteemed Organization. Our Professional SEO Services brings Potential Customers to you by Ranking Your Websites Higher on various search engines.

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the best way to make your website more visible in a search engine’s organic search result. To put it simply it is a process of increasing the volume of web traffic and its quality to a website by employing what are referred to as SEO techniques. This ensures that your website achieves a higher search ranking with all major search engines for specific keywords that aptly describe your website, SEO is essential for good search engine ranking. Our SEO team at Amelcs applies the most proven SEO techniques to make your website to be ranked markedly higher on all search engines. No matter how well designed your webpage is for the user it needs to have some key features which is required, so that the search engines can determine your content quality in the website. The content quality determines how your website is indexed and assigned page ranks. A poorly optimized site with great content and query– user relevance can fail to show up at the top of search engine results simply because the search engines cannot figure out what your website is about. Our SEO team ensures that the gap between your website and search engine is bridged efficiently. At Amelcs two distinct campaigning methods are employed by our SEO team to improve your website.

The On- page SEO consists of five main components.

Keyword research and discovery wherein we assess the search positioning of your top competitors and in turn determine the new target keywords that could provide you with meaningful traffic. We use a search optimized code to remodel your HTML architecture into one that is search engine savvy. We also perform Meta information optimization which helps search engines easily analyze individual page data. Our copy editing process is done in a search engine friendly manner in order to optimize your content quality for Google’s Panda update. Lastly we perform digital assets evaluation that helps search engines understand all other files on the webpage apart from text files. Our off-page SEO campaign consists of social signaling effective local search optimization and organic link building. This substantially increases your off site brand presence by creating genuine and useful back links to your website. We utilize only reputed sites for back links to boost your search rankings and prevent your site from being black listed. We also ensure proper brand positioning within social media channels which is now the most popular way through which sites obtain traffic. We also ensure that your website has a strong local search presence and does not depend on random results. Our SEO team consists of professional who are at the top of the field. Our experts constantly monitor real time data from your website and also keep a check on your competitors, their strategies and planning and executing techniques to make sure your site is amongst the top in your field of keyword search. Our varied range of SEO services are offered at competitive costs and are customizable according to your requirements. Thus if you require any form of SEO to improve your ranking amongst the search engines contact us at AmelCS for an estimate.





₹ 3,999/Month

Keyword: 5

Blog: 1/month

Social Media: 10 Posts/month (Facebook Only)

Complete On Page & Off Page SEO

Site Analysis


₹ 6,999/Month

Keyword: 10

Blog: 2/month

Social Media: 30 Posts/month (Facebook & Twitter)

Complete On Page & Off Page SEO

Site Analysis



₹ 14,999/Month

Keyword: 25

Blog: 5/month

Social Media: 30 Posts/month (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Reditt etc. & 2-3 Basic Youtube Video)

Complete On Page & Off Page SEO

Site Analysis

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